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Promotional Space

We specialise in providing promotional space for short term concessions in retail venues throughout the UK. These in-store marketing opportunities are a means to reach a specific target audience with direct marketing communications. We are the leading concession management company for the garden centre sector, and work with all of the leading groups and independent businesses.

Brand awareness

Short Term Concessions are used to complete direct promotional marketing campaigns and are a proven tool for generating leads and building brand awareness. Consumers in all retail venues are in a purchasing mindset. Consequently, marketing and advertising campaigns operated from short term, promotional space are a very effective way for companies to reach new and existing customers.


We specialise in promotional space in all retail outlets. Promotional space is available for both internal and external areas displays. There are exhibition areas suitable for all ideas including concession stands, car displays, mobile catering, ice cream vans, fun fairs, sampling days, and fast food operations. Exhibitions also provide good opportunities for promotional activities.

We have promo space available throughout the UK for manned or unmanned displays. Contact us for booking a promotional space and up to the minute promotional space availability and prices.

Our experience

Our team of consultants have experience in managing exhibition space for retail destinations. This includes shopping centres, high streets, leisure parks, and DIY Superstores. They can find suitable locations for your business to reach its target audience. For more information contact us today to find your Promotional Space.